RF Signal Audit and Survey

RF Signal Audit and Survey



Public Safety Signal Testing

Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) have stepped up compliance for Emergency Responder Radion Coverage Systems (ERRCS). It is mandated that all new construction over 50,000 square feet requires compliance to attain a Certificate of Occupancy. We take the guesswork out of the equation with our comprehensive signal testing. NFPA 72 mandates that buildings require -95dB or better in 95% of your building to be in compliance with federal and local ordinances. Let us help you navigate myriad of issues surrounding your property and ascertain if a Bi-Directional Amplification System is required.

Cellular Survey

Whether you are interested in Macro Area Drive Testing or In-Building surveys, Digitechx has the tools to perform your audit. With the demand for cellular bandwidth, In-Building coverage is more important as enter an era of wireless last mile. 80% of wireless calls either originate or terminate in a building, yet 2% of the properties nationwide have systems to improve coverage. LEED construction standards further impair coverage indoors with materials such as low-e glass, concrete, and steel densities.  Our audit process provides a comprehensive report to determine the status of your property and make recommendations for DAS solutions.

Pre-Design RF Audit & Survey

It is imperative to understand that each project has its own metrics and this is not a “one shoe fits all” Scenario. The design process should always begin with a comprehensive audit of the property and a walk test. This will determine signal strength,  the macro environment, and the strengths &   deficiencies of the properties coverage.

Our comprehensive property survey includes the following:

Walk/Drive Test

Signal Strength Analysis



Signal Quality

Dead Zones & Density Analysis

Macro Environment  Elements Analysis

Donor Analysis

Public Safety Audit

We issue the stakeholders a comprehensive analysis with a detailed report on the current state of the cellular signal in your building. This benchmarking is a crucial element in any design plan. If our clients choose to engage our design and engineering services, we can import this collected data in IB Wave to be used by our certified engineers in the design phase.

State of The Art Testing Equipment

Digitechx employs the latest and greatest test gear for signal testing. Whether you are considering Public Safety DAS or Cellular DAS, we can perform your baseline testing, and produce comprehensive RF reports to be used in the decision-making process. We offer Walk testing, Grid Testing, Donor Signal Testing and Drive Testing for all of your survey needs. Our PCTEL testing gear is the most efficient in the industry and reduces time on site with sophisticated simultaneous multi-signal data collection tools. This allows us to execute the signal testing at a fraction of our competitors. PCTEL scanning receivers support a variety of network engineering activities, including spectrum clearing, baseline testing, model tuning, network planning, network commissioning, acceptance testing, competitive benchmarking, troubleshooting, and network optimization.



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