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Operators worldwide face issues regarding their network. Whether through growth or acquisition, carriers integrate many technologies as their networks evolve. Many times this presents tough decisions, such as migrating traffic to more modern technologies, upgrading legacy equipment or decommissioning it, how to handle spare replacement for end-of-life equipment and what to do with idle assets. At Digitechx Inc., our qualified staff stands ready to help carriers with all aspects of their legacy equipment management. We can provide turnkey services for Installation & Service, Modernization, Audit and Q&A, Decommissioning, Backhaul, Microwave, Small Cell, DAS, Civil Build, Carrier Adds, and all aspects of a  End-to-End solution.

Wireless Service

Digitechx Services

Mobile operators are constantly adapting their networks to keep pace with market changes. Inevitably, adaptation must turn into a full modernization project – almost always involving infrastructure replacement and upgrades. Success of these complex projects relies on robust, continuous optimization. Optimization that is not only swap agnostic, and de-coupled from the planning, design and rollout processes, but also capable of handling countless network establishment processes. Digitechx delivers cross-technology and cross-platform support, which  is an essential element for robust optimization.

In today’s complex wireless landscape, network elements need to be optimized to consider the crowded environments. This requires a macro approach, considering all of the elements in the environment and end to end optimization. The wireless service contractor has evolved into a “SME” model over the past 10 years and very few are focused on end to end solutions. This renders inefficient networks with elements that are not optimized properly. Digitechx staffs every project with technicians that are trained in all aspects of wireless technology.  This approach renders a seamless integration and effective optimization, that considers macro optimization.

Audit and Quality Assurance

Network Executives rarely understands the true details of their network performance. They get lip service and job preservation from their staff over form and function. Staff is compartmentalized and not versed to examine all elements of the network. Digitechx can deliver turnkey, unbiased end-to-end audits, replete with solution based reports to determine real network performance, paradigms and solutions. In many cases it takes an independent auditor to get to the core of the network issues and deliver the resolution


The evolution of communications technology is on an exponential path and adopting these changes has created a competitive market within the industry. Clients demand these innovations or carriers will be ravaged by churn. These value added services and performance have to be supported with networks that can deliver the goods. Our engineers integrate new elements to coexist with legacy equipment, to provide seamless communications and superior performance.


The deployment of new network technologies not only means that some older, legacy networks are becoming outdated, unreliable, and underutilized but also more expensive to operate and maintain. Carriers core competencies are the business of building networks, not dismantling. 52% of wireless operators do not have decommissioning strategies in place. Those who do,  have generally determined that outsourcing a specialist is more efficient then creating a department to handle it.

Asset Mitigation

Digitechx has an asset recovery division, whose sole focus is repurposing excess and surplus equipment. Our staff of professionals is dedicated to determining the valuation of used network elements, their useful life, and obsolescence risk. Digitechx has thousands of customers in emerging markets that consistently utilize secondary market equipment. This coupled with or decommissioning practice, makes us a leader in the surplus market with both supply and demand. The broker to broker market is an inneficient layer of matching buyers and sellers. In many cases 3 or 4 brokers are involved in the exchange of these assets creating inefficiencies and undermining valuation for customers. Our practice specializes in the direct contact with carriers to remove these

Carrier Adds

Digitechx can handle all aspects of carrier adds or replacements of antennas, radios, Amplifiers, BSC, Power, Plant, Microwave and Backhaul infrastructure. We are staffed with 2 man tiger teams, 3 and 4 man crews to handle all of your carrier adds.

Civil Build & Maintenance

Our dedicated teams of creative professionals offering you the following Civil Builds and Maintenance Services.


LTE Installations

Carrier Adds

DAS Installation and Maintenance

Turf and OEM neutral Tiger Teams

Small Cell Deployment


Cabinet Adds

Antenna Work

DC Power Systems

Feed line/Jumpers

TMA Stroke Filters




Remote Radio Head (RRH)

Interference Testing


Sweep and PIM Testing



Microwave LOS Surveys