RF Signal Audit and Survey

RF Signal Audit and Survey

RF Audit & Survey

It is imperative to understand that each project has its own metrics and the this is not a “one shoe fits all” process. The process should always begin with an audit of the property and a walk test. This will determine signal strength,  the macro environment  and the strengths &   deficiencies of the properties coverage.

Our comprehensive property survey includes the following:

  • Walk/Drive Test
  • Signal Strength Analysis
    • RSSI
    • RSSP
    • Signal Quality
  • Dead Zones & Density Analysis
  • Macro Environment  Elements
  • Donor Analysis
  • Public Safety Audit

We issue the stakeholders a comprehensive report with a detailed recommendations as to what solutions are available. If our clients engage our services, we then provide a comprehensive IB Wave design and engineering, with  a heat map, antennae placement and head end diagram.


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