Cellular 650x350

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BTS – Base Transceiver Station

Short for base transceiver station. In mobile communications, a BTS holds the radio transceivers that define a cell and coordinates the radio-link protocols with the mobile device. The BTS is the networking component of a mobile communications system from which all signals are sent and received. A BTS is controlled by a base station controller. A BTS is also called a base station (BS) and is commonly referred to as a "cell phone tower."

BSC -Base Station Controller

Abbreviated as BSC, the base station controller is a combination of device and software used by a base station. The device enables the base station to register mobile phones in the cell to perform handoff, call setup and call termination.

DTRU – Double Transceiver Unit

Two transceivers in one single unit of the same size as the same single TRU. It includes all the functionalities to handle two radio carrier. It is responsible for radio transmitting, radio receiving, power amplification & signal processing

Radios – Tower Mounted Dishes

A radio system that positions numerous, low-power transmit/receive antennas throughout a metropolitan area, thereby dividing a large area of coverage, or macrocell, into smaller microcells, or even smaller picocells. Allocated spectrum is divided into a number of bands and further subdivided into a number of voice grade channels. The bands are distributed among the cells and each frequency band can be reused in nonadjacent cells.

MSC – Mobile Switching Center

Die Mobilfunktelefonvermittlungsstelle (MTSO) ist die mobile Variante mit einem PSTN-Zentrale.