Cable and Head-End

Cable and Head-End

Cable Headend 650 x350

We make markets in Digital Headend Solutions, CMTS, Modulators, Demodulators, Multiplexors, Set Top Boxes, Cable Modems, Wireless Routers, RF Amplifiers,  Encoders, Transcoders, Combiners and Launch Amplifiers.

Cable TV Technologies

There are two technologies for cable television; older analog cable, and newer digital cable that is capable of carrying "high definition" HDMI signals used by newer digital HDTV televisions. Many cable companies have upgraded to digital cable in the last 5 years. Different converter boxes are required for newer digital HDMI TVs and older legacy analog televisions. Modern cable systems are large, with a single network and headend often serving an entire metropolitan area or county. Most systems use hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) distribution. We make markets in select legacy equipment in all technologies.

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