Distributed Antenna Systems

It is estimated that 80% of wireless traffic originates or terminates within a building. Despite this, only two percent of commercial buildings have dedicated technology to ensure strong and reliable mobile coverage indoors. With data hungry consumers, this presents a substantial problem, as macro cellular networks are not designed to propagate within most buildings. In Building systems are an essential but mostly overlooked technology that most property owners need to address. Now more than ever, high rise buildings, hotels, campuses, stadiums, malls and crowded public spaces need to consider a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) or an Indoor Small Cell technology.

The Solution

Digitechx has all of the expertise and products to design and engineer turnkey solutions with our partner Commscope. The ION-E is designed from the ground up to overcome the cost and complexity traditionally associated with DAS deployments, and that goes beyond simply using IT structured cabling. ION-E also makes is easy to get your indoor coverage up and running, quickly and affordably.


ION -E Capabilities

  • ION-E design follows well-established Wi-Fi rules that are already familiar to most in-house IT support staff and system integrators.
  • The intuitive, browser-based management platform delivers a simple visual representation of the network, streamlining the commissioning process.
  • The modular design makes it easy to handle network changes, additions and upgrades.
  • Intelligent service level alarms provide precise location information to expedite IT response
  • Once installed, the ION-E headend automatically detects input signals for assignment to individual UAPs.
  • While operating, ION-E dynamically adjusts signal transport levels to optimize signal output power.
  •  New transport cards are automatically detected and integrated within the simple drag-and-drop management interface.
  • Standard installation materials utilizing Cat6A and single mode or multimode fiber, and field-replaceable SFP (small form-factor pluggable) connectors
  • POE connection to UAP’s, no need to run power to antenna
  • No need for expensive, hard-to-install coaxial RF cable
  • Fast, expert installation
  • Frequency and technology independence supporting 380-2700 MHz, including public safety bands, all in one system
  • Software-defined remote sectorization control
  • Automated hardware detection and optimization
  • Dynamic transport scales to meet changing demand in different locations
  • Low cost carrier integration capabilities


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