Shipping And Logistics

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Shipping and Logistics

The logistics of shipping domestically and internationally is an exceptional art.  Considering customs, tariffs, VAT taxes, country specific restrictions and cargo challenges, a company with a global presence must master these critical elements.  We are proud of our logistical acumen in this realm. We are familiar with the regulations in over 19 countries and strive to ensure a smooth logistics. We pay special attention to the following:


We pay special attention to this step of the process. All of our modules, appliances and chassis are sealed in anti-static poly bags, suspension packed and parceled in doubled or triple corrugated cartons. Even when we palletize shipments we pay special attention to individual packaging. In many cases we will build crates for large items. Our motto is simple; make our shipments bullet proof.


We excel in the attention to documenting all of our international shipments with the proper commercial invoices, customs forms, bills of ladings and manifests to ensure the fastest possible clearance times. We monitor all shipments from our docks to the customer’s premises to reduce glitches in the process.


We work with only the best carriers worldwide. Selection of the proper carrier for the right territory is very important. Carriers have better service records in certain territories than others. When we entrust our freight to only the best in the business in that specific territory we reduce exposure to delays, damage and loss.

Domestically we try to avoid LTL Freight as they hand of the shipments frequently and it is very difficult to track and assure quality control. We choose carriers that keep our freight in their custody from our docks until they reach their destination.