Welcome to Digitechx Inc.

Welcome to Digitechx Inc.

Digitechx is a global provider of DAS and wireless services.

Digitechx Inc Distributed Antenna Systems


Cellular Network Optmization

Digitechx is a global wireless services company which is fully integrated to help carriers with all aspects of their networks. Now more than ever, carriers need a full service firm to handle optimization, drive testing, operation and maintenance, quality assurance, carrier adds, PIM testing, antenna and line work, integration issues, network optimization, backhaul and site build. Our engineers and technicians are macro trained and the best in the industry in all aspects of our offering.

DAS & Public Safety

Our company provides Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Public Safety Systems to the global market place. It is estimated that 80% of wireless traffic originates or terminates within a building. Despite this, only two percent of commercial buildings have dedicated technology to ensure strong and reliable mobile coverage indoors. Digitechx provides turn-key solutions for the enterprise, hospitality, health care, campus, stadium and mixed use markets, including carrier integration.

Macro Site Solutions

Digitechx is a global provider of macro site solutions for the cellular industry. We provide design,  planning  and build for new tower projects and micro and macro area solutions. These services can include cluster planning in low coverage areas, C-RAN and small cell integration.

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